On-Chain Worlds Builder by Inscribed.space
On-chain interactive 3D metaverse world builder
bitmap2terrain by Inscribed.space
Bitmap to terrain generator
Bitmap Valley by IMSO
Virtual plots connected to bitmaps
Bitmap Explorer by Recursiverse
The first Multiplayer Bitmap App in realtime
BitWorld by Luminex
On-chain 3D generated land reinscription
Dark City
MMORPG powered by Bitmap
Interactive 3D bitmap render
Bitmap Pizzeria
Render Bitmap Pizza Day block data into pizzas
The "signature" bitmap project
Bitverse by FOXXI
Leveraging bitmap theory to create a unique metaverse experience
Bitmap Town
Avatars, furnitures, indoor and outdoor decorations for Bitmaps.
Bitnite by Metasoft
Fortnite rendered using bitmap data
Bitpets by BAVO
Pets on Bitmap. First interactive digital artifacts on Bitmap
On-chain public wishing well & Waterworld image filter
Multiverse built on bitmap
Bitmap Planet by MixVerse
Providing utility and transaction liquidity to the Bitmap ecosystem
Silk Road Bitrunners
GTA-style game incorporating Bitmap parcels
Bitmap Island by xSPECTAR
Realistic metaverse platform connected to bitmaps
BitCity by Bentoshi
A metaverse on Bitmap
BTC Rastas
Ordinals project on Bitmap Valley
The Bmeta Yacht Guild
Proof of community through bitmap parcel airdrop
Bitmap Empires
Multiplayer "empire building" game on a 800K bitmap world map
Iso World by Kvox
Game architecture and character design reinvented based on bitmap.
The BIOME Project
First VR-e Metaverse Experience, built using bitmap technology
Haste Arcade
Social gaming land mint on bitmap protocol
Interactive storyworld built on the bitmap metaverse
Pixel Ponies
Bitmap pony stables
Ordz Rush
Platform runner builder for bitmap
Voxel game
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