Explorers & Data

Bitmap community-sourced tools and data repositories
Block data analyzer and 3D visualizer
The Bitmap Hodl
Bitmap newsfeed and ecosystem updates
Bitmap Statistics
Statistics on bitmap block vbyte, size & txs
Ordinals Transaction Analytics by Poshi.sats
Ordinal transaction volume data
Bitmap Search Engine
Search bitmap businesses and holders.
Bitmap Transaction Analytics by 2satsmaxi
Daily and weekly bitmap transfer data
Ordinals Wallet Bitmap Map
Ordinals Wallet render of the bitmap map
Ordinal Hoods
Explore Bitcoin Difficulty Epochs on bitmap
Bitcoin Block Explorer
Bitmap Ecosystem Overview Index
Bitmap holder and transfer data
Patoshi Blocks
Identify Patoshi Blocks and early Bitcoin mining information
Bitmap Pizza Day Club Index
Track holder data for Pizza Day bitmaps
Bitmap 3-Digit Club Index
Track holder data for 3-digit bitmaps
Bitmap 4-Digit Club Index
Track holder data for 4-digit bitmaps
Bitmap Punks Index
Data of indexed bitmap punks
Pristine Bitmap Punk Index
Track holder data for pristine bitmap punks
Bitmap collection explorer and visualizer
Bitmaps WTF Tool
Verify and explore the bitmaps in your wallet
Bitmap Tool by Trac
Check all your validated bitmaps
Messages from the Mines
Discover messages that have been permanently embedded in the Bitcoin blockchain
Verification checker for .lambo .pokemon .plot .yacht & more
Bitmap Supply Twitter Bot
Bitmap supply (districts & parcels) daily updates
Bitmap Sales Twitter Bot
Bitmap sales Twitter data
Bitmap Verification by FOXXI
Verify and explore bitmaps in a wallet
Verify and inscribe bitmaps
Blockout Countdown
Displays number of unclaimed bitmap blocks
Unclaimed Land
Lists unclaimed bitmap blocks
Bitmap Finder
List of available bitmaps using various numbering strategies
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